Know Your Joe's

Know Your Joe's

Whether you call him Uncle Joe, Uncle J, TJ’s, or some other loving nickname, we all love Trader Joe’s.

We’ve all had to brave the long lines after work, or trek to Trader Joe’s on the weekends for the affordable goodness. But if grocery shopping while drunk off of bottomless mimosas from Local 16 were an Olympic sport, Washingtonians would be like the US Curling Team. Trader Joe’s is the most millennial thing ever and people should really start to listen to millennials because we know food, and Trader Joe’s has great food.

Like many of you, I cook dinner to save money. I buy gas early in the morning or late at night to save money (gas condenses in colder weather). When I go to the movies, I watch matinees to save money. But I shop at Trader Joe’s because they have really amazing food… and to save money (Whole Foods, your prices are just ridiculous!).

When I shop at TJ’s I like to try new dishes. I like to think that I’m a contestant on Chopped, and that new dish is all that’s standing between me and $10,000. Because we all love Trader Joe’s, it’s time that we share the goods. Welcome to “Know Your Joe’s!” Periodically we’ll take a suggestion from the Carpe Crew (that’s you!), taste it, and give it a rating. I’ll kick it off with my favorite dish and in future installments, we’ll be trying the dishes y’all recommend.

The Official Carpe DC Know Your Joe’s! Rating System

👃: Joe… NO!

👃👃: Oh No

👃👃👃: I Don’t Know, Joe

👃👃👃👃: Okay Joe!

👃👃👃👃👃: Joe Knows


Mandarin Orange Chicken: 👃👃👃👃👃

Sometimes the hardest thing to do is describe something you love to others. This chicken is soooo good. Because i’m a Southerner, I choose to fry the chicken instead of baking it. The crispy, crunchy chicken reminds me of home. I serve the orange chicken with broccoli and rice, and I use the extra orange glaze to season the rice.

I never said I was a food blogger!

I never said I was a food blogger!

Next time you hit up TJ’s, give it a shot and let us know what you think. If you disagree with my rating, let me know.